Date: Saturday 18 May - Sunday 19 May 2024
Time: 9.00-18.00
Venue: La Palm Royal Beach Hotel
Fee: 110 USD


The main focus is on reference frames in general with a specific focus on UN initiatives, global and regional frames as well selected national case studies.


The technical seminar is aimed at surveyors, spatial professionals, students and operational geodesists who are interested in learning more about practical aspects of reference frames from some of the world’s leading geodesists and geodetic surveyors







Session 1: International Geodesy Initiatives
Session 2: Introduction to Geodetic Reference Frames
Session 3: Reference Frames in the African Region
Session 4: International Case Studies I
Session 5: International Case Studies II
Session 6: Panel Discussion - Overcoming Challenges with Reference Frames Closing 



ICG Funding:

The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UN-OOSA) International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (ICG) are kindly providing financial assistance for eligible RFIP participants, with preference given to participants from developing countries particularly from Africa. This financial support will consist of a round trip air ticket only – most direct and economic fare – between the closest international airport to participant’s residence and Accra, Ghana. These will be purchased on behalf of the recipients. Additionally, the RFIP fee will be waived. No other costs will be covered.

The organisers will recommend a list to the UN-OOSA approving and funding authority. Please send your application to Kevin Ahlgren ( and Ryan Keenan ( as soon as possible, but not later than 3 April 2024.

In your application, please provide a business case as to why you should be given ICG financial assistance as well as an estimate of the amount of assistance (cost of flight tickets) you are seeking and if you would be able to give short talk on your countries reference frame and any plans for modernisation. Note your preferred departure city and date. The seminar is on Saturday, 18 May and Sunday 19 May. Most travellers would arrive on Friday night and depart on Sunday. 

Also note that if you intend to stay for the FIG 2024 Working Week, you will be responsible for all costs associated including registration, lodging, per diem etc associated with the Working Week.