Welcome to Ghana - Akwaaba!!

Greetings, colleagues and friends,
On behalf of the Licensed Surveyors Association of Ghana (LISAG) and the Ghana Institution of Surveyors (GhIS), we are pleased to invite you to attend FIG Working Week 2024 in Accra, from 20th–24th May, 2024, at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel.

In 2017, Ghana won the bid to host the Working Week  2021. However, after the Working Week was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, we agreed to let our Dutch friends host the conference. At last, it is time to welcome you to Ghana. Akwaaba!!

The COVID-19 pandemic has undermined global progress towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In addition, evidence shows that our natural resources and the benefits our ecosystems provide are on the decline. Pollution, climate change, and over-exploitation put more pressure on our resources. The Working Week 2024, thus, envisions a renewed dedication among surveying professionals to contribute towards global efforts to build a resilient environment and manage our natural resources and ecosystems sustainably for the benefit of current and future generations. The lessons learned will enable us to become more innovative and rational in addressing developmental issues.

The overarching theme for Working Week 2024 is "Your World, Our World: Resilient Environment and Sustainable Resource Management for All." The conference will allow surveying professionals to learn about cutting-edge research and best practices in managing natural resources for a more resilient and sustainable environment. To meet the expectations of the theme, plenary sessions and relevant content-rich paper presentations will cover topics such as fostering integrated landscape management, promoting climate-smart agriculture, supporting the adaptation of coastal communities, building sustainable cities and resilient infrastructure systems, developing early warning systems for disaster risk management, and managing forest resources as an asset for climate resilience. Participants will have access to keynote speakers, workshops, and breakout sessions to help them grow and develop professionally. There will be exhibitions allowing vendors to showcase their business solutions to the FIG community.

Do take the opportunity to experience Ghana's unique hospitality and rich cultural heritage. Interesting places include hydro dam sites, the biggest man-made lake in the world, monkey sanctuaries, national parks, canopy walkways, and craft markets specializing in bead making, kente weaving, and pottery. Visit our Slave Forts and Castles, such as the Elmina and Cape Coast Castles, to learn about colonial Ghana (the Gold Coast) and the history of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

Ghana also sits very well as one of the endowed mineral geographical locality in the world and is a beehive of mining activity in gold, diamond, bauxite, manganese and off shore oil & gas. 

Our country is one of the few countries in the world to have the Greenwich Meridian (Longitude zero degrees) running through, from the North to the South into the Atlantic Ocean. Come and have the experience of the East and West of the Greenwich Meridian.

We look forward to welcoming you in 2024 to Accra, Ghana.

Once again, Welcome!, Bienvenue! Akwaaba!

Surv. Ing. Samuel Larbi Darko
Surv Dauda Sulemana  Mahama