We are pleased to invite you to the FIG e-Working Week 2021 – this time it will be a virtual gathering of surveyors and spatial experts from around the globe.

This year will be different!

The FIG Working Week has been transformed to a virtual conference, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This brings in new opportunities. This special e-Working Week will be accessible from all over the world, allowing the whole FIG Community with over 250.000 members from around 120 countries to join in the event. As organisers we will do our utmost to bring together an unforgettable conference with possibilities to make meaningful connections with our sponsors, attendees and speakers, as well as attend sessions designed to be interesting, innovative and engaging.

What does this mean for our sponsors?

We view our sponsors as our partners in the successful execution of the FIG e-Working Week 2021 and will work alongside you to provide opportunities to promote your organisation through the prelude, during and after the FIG e-Working Week. The FIG e-Working Week will offer -

Extend control over Brand Exposure

At an in-person FIG conference a participant will walk by hallway banners when heading for a plenary session and here there will be some sponsor branding on display. At a virtual conference you have more opportunities and control over how your signage and branding appears on the screen, amplifying the reach of your branding outside the physical conference space.

Build Engaging Digital Expo Booths

The exhibition hall is a timeless event tradition that allows sponsors to create a branded space to engage one-on-one or one-to-many with participants. But as effective as it has been over the years, it has always come with some limitations: expo hours are limited, attendees must choose between event presentations and engaging with sponsors, and sometimes the activity and crowds prevent everyone that wants to approach the booth from doing so.

The virtual sponsorship experience allows you to maximize your attendee touchpoints both by networking in the main conference and maintaining a digital sponsor booth in the exhibition space. Attendees can watch pre-recorded content, engage in a live video session and chat, or move the conversation to a private meeting.

Capture More Granular Data

At in-person FIG Conference you will collect business cards of potential customers. But at a virtual conference you can automatically capture a much more granular and nuanced look at this prospect data. You can get a clear view of exactly who showed interest in your products or information without disturbing the conference experience.

…and much more.

We are working on the sponsorship prospectus and we promise that the FIG e-Working Week will offer you extend branding in front of our virtual participants. You will be able to engage with targeted people through speaking slots, moderating sessions, running polls and so on.

Save the dates – 21-25 June 2021