Beyond Boundaries: The Changing Role of the Surveyor

In the fast paced world of today, technology is rapidly evolving and so is the role of surveyors. From basic mapping to geodesy and data analytics, surveyors play an important and diverse role in society and economy. The shrinking gap between consumer and professional geospatial applications is driving the need for greater awareness of surveyors and the important role they play. Surveyors of today support an informed society today, and tomorrow that leverages geospatial Information Management. The 4th Young Surveyors Conference is a two day event that provides an environment for Young Surveyors from different cultures, countries, academic qualifications, and professional experience to dialogue and discuss these changes and how they can play an integral role in the future, in a society where all information are managed geospatially.

 Let Young Surveyors meet where two continents meet - In Istanbul!

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The 4th FIG Young Surveyors Conference will he held prior to the FIG Congress 2018 in Istanbul.

FIG and the Chamber of Surveying and Cadastre Engineers of Turkey have decided on a special focus on the young surveyors and to give Young Surveyors an outstanding opportunity to participate both in the Congress with its variety of sessions and a special Young Surveyors Conference. The Young Surveyors conference will include a tailor made programme aimed at young professionals.

A student/Young surveyors is defined as students and graduates aged 35 or under at the time of the conference, who are either currently studying/gratuated for a Bachelor, Masters or PhD degree of surveying or related studies.

If you have any inquiries you can write to the Young Surveyors at: fig.youngsurveyors@gmail.com

The 4th FIG Young Surveyors Conference will he beld prior to the FIG Congress 2018 in Istanbul.



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Programme - Session description

Day 1: 5 May, 2018

8:30-9:00 Registration
9:00-10:30 Opening Ceremony

Chair: Eva-Maria Unger, Austria
Rapporteur: Melissa Harrington, United States of America

The opening ceremony of the 4YSC provides the opportunity for Young Surveyors to hear from distinguished guests from HKMO, FIG, FIG Foundation, and FIG Young Surveyors Network. This welcoming and associated presentations will set the agenda for the two day conference and focus on the theme ‘Beyond Boundaries: The Changing Role of the Surveyor.’

  • Ali İpek, Secretary General of Turkish Chamber of Survey and Cadastre Engineers
  • Orhan Ercan, FIG 2018 Congress Co-Director
  • Chryssy Potsiou, FIG President
  • John Hohol, FIG Foundation
  • Eva-Maria Unger, Melissa Harrington and Ferah Pırlanta Köksal, FIG Young Surveyors Network
10:30-11:00 "Turkish Delight" Coffee Break & Speed Dating

The first break of the day is always a great opportunity to get to know each other! Participate in a fun social activity with a local theme.

11:00-12:00 Beyond Boundaries and Beyond Change

Chair: Ferah Pırlanta Köksal, Turkey
Rapporteur: Melissa Harrington, United States of America

Join us for a series of keynote presentations deliverd by the movers and shakers of the geospatial community.

Learn about the power of geospatial information, new technology, and the changing role of the surveyor. Invited keynote speakers will share their knowledge, experience and describe the challenges that they have faced in their career as a result of the chanhing role of the surveyor.

  • Dr. Craig Hill, Leica Geosystems, Switzerland
  • Boris Skopljak, Trimble Inc, United States of America
  • Dr. Nusret Demir, Vice Dean, Faculty of Science, Akdeniz University, Turkey
12:00-12:30 This is better than that!

Chair: Melissa Harrington, United States of America
Rapporteur: Ali İpek, Turkey

Think Turkey, Technology, and Teamwork! Join us for a fun activity which inspires team creativity in problem solving. There is strength in collaboration!

12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 Innovation Station

Chair: Carline Amsing, Netherlands
Rapporteur: Fahad Mubiru, Uganda

Let’s Workshop! Seize the opportunity to have an informed discussion with our international presenters and conference attendees, learn from each other, network and inspire innovation.

In this session, attendees will select a workshop to attend. Workshop coordinators will present on a topic relating to the changing role of surveyors. Questions will be proposed and challenges outlined, and as a group attendees will work together to find solutions and disrupt the status quo.

The following workshops will be held simultaneously - Take your pick!

  • Ethics and the changing role of the surveyor - Nigel Sellars, RICs
  • Invest in yourself, get others to invest in you - Claire Buxton & Robert Mears, NZIS Young Professionals
  • Ripro Survey Markers - What next? - Kengo Okada, Ripro
  • 3D Surveying Methods for Archaeology - Bora Yavuz, LiTech Engineering
  • Ideathon - Semra Memiş, HERE
  Afternoon Coffee
15:30-16:30 Let's talk about it: Can we trust technology?

Chair: Melissa Harrington, United States of America
Rapporteur: Cromwell Manaloto, Italy

Ask, Learn and Engage!

Join us for an interactive panel discussion between our international presenters, where all young surveyors from around the world can pitch their ideas and ask the key questions vi a a new technology platform. Let’s challenge the status quo and ask the tough questions!

Participants include:

  • Dr. Craig Hill, Leica Geosystems
  • James Quick, Ordnance Survey and FIG Foundation Grant Recipient
  • Aliona Scutelnic, Cadastral Engineer/Land Surveyor
  • Merve Keskin, PhD student at Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
  • Claudia Stöcker, PhD student at University of Twente, Netherlands
  • James Berghan, PhD student at Otago University, New Zealand
16:30-17:00 Breaking Boundaries

Chair: Claire Buxton, New Zealand

Geospatial + Innovation = Geovation!

Join us for a series of four quick fire presentations from Young Surveyors using technology in different ways. The presentations will be in “Pucha Ketcha” format. A presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each (6 minutes and 40 seconds in total). A concise, fast paced format, will test presentation stills, and keep the audience entertained!

  • Mudit Kapoor, PhD Candidate, FIG Foundation Grant Recipient, India
  • Star Karabil, Institut für Küstenforschung (IfK), Germany
  • Nick Stillwell, New Zealand Institute of Surveyors (NZIS), New Zealand
17:00-17:30 Day 1 - Closing

Bosphorus Cocktail Cruise

Join us for drinks and Turkish appetizers! Here participants have an extra opportunity to chat with the speakers, along with our sponsors and partners. Maybe you will find a friend for life, or get to know the inner workings of all the brilliant minds that we are assembling here – all in a casual relaxed environment. The Bosphorus Tour will start from Kabataş Pier.

Day 2: 6 May, 2018


Treasure Hunt

Chair: Ferah Pırlanta Köksal, Turkey
Rapporteur: Ali İpek, Turkey 

Let’s get outside and orientated! Join us for an outdoor activity utilising technology, maps, local landmarks and get to know our surroundings. Local Young Surveyors will lead teams through a series of geospatial tasks using technology on their smartphones! Let’s test some new technology, work together and see the sights!

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-12:30 Tell us about it!

Chair: Kwabena Asiama, Netherlands
Rapporteur: Helen Blackler, Germany

What’s happening within our global network? Listen to updates from individual networks and YSN Leaders. Share ideas, learnings and get involved!

  • Cemal Özgür Kıvılcım, ISPRS Representative, Turkey
  • Adele Thomson, Institute of Surveyors Victoria (ISV), Australia
  • Jean Pierre Habiyaremye, FIG Foundation Grant Recipient, Rwanda
  • Melissa Roberts, FIG YS South America, Uruguay
  • Aliona Scutelnic, General Secretary at Moldavian Union of Surveyors, Moldova
  • Shristee Singh, Property & Gender Officer UN-Habitat, Nepal
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 To infinity and beyond! Shaping the Future of the YSN

Chair: Eva-Maria Unger, Austria
Rapporteur: Melissa Harrington, United States of America

Throughout the 4YSC the YSN has focussed on the theme “Beyond Boundaries: The Changing Role of Surveyors.” Now let’s shape our future, the future of the YSN.

This will be an interactive session focussing on the bright future of the YSN and how we can adapt and make changes within our network to better serve an ever changing profession.

15:00-16:00 Closing Ceremony
17:00-18:00 Charity Dance

Chair: Pınar Yeşim Limandal, Turkey

The FIG Young Surveyors Network is continuing the tradition of being active and donating to charity.  This year, we will not be running instead, we will be dancing in the Mediterranean!

Join us for the FIG YSN Charity Dance. All of our colleagues are invited to learn the regional folk dance style.

Charity Dance

The FIG Young Surveyors Network carries out the Charity tradition and brings a breath of fresh air to Charity Event.

Join us for the Charity Dance! All of our colleagues are invited to learn the regional folk dance style.

About the local dance:

Folk Dance
All of the cultural elements that belong to people who live in any region or country is called folklore. Folklore, reflects the life of the people and passes through from generation to generation. Turkey has very rich folkloric traditions which have been kept alive for centuries.
Folk dance helps people to accommodate to the society and nature. It teaches people how to communicate and how to collaborate. It shows people to find new ways to see what they are capable of. Folk dance reflects the community's values and social structure.

“Horon” - Regional Folk Dance

Horon is a very moving and swift dance style that was found in the Black Sea region. Horon symbolizes the waves of the sea, the pouring of the rain and the struggle against nature. The main instrument of this regional folk dance is Kemençe which is made of wood and has 3-strings and one spring.

Charity Dance will be lead by a local Young Surveyor Pınar Yeşim Limandal.

With Charity Dance we will support

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Local Community  “Yer Çizenler Herkes İçin Haritacılık Derneği" and FIG Foundation

Practical information

The start time of the Charity Dance is at 17:00 at the Hilton Bosphorus Ballroom.


Congratulations to the FIG Foundation Grant recipients for FIG 2018!

We want to thanks everybody who applied for the FIG Foundation Grant to attend the 4YSC and FIG Congress in Istanbul, Turkey.

We have received over 200 applicants from around the world and we have awarded the Grand to the followoing Young Surveyors:


Congress Venue:

Harbiye Mahallesi, 
Cumhuriyet Cd. No:50, 34367 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey
Hilton Bosphorus
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If you have any questions please contact us at fig.youngsurveyors@gmail.com