Task Forces 2002-2006

Task force 6.1.2 - Measurements and Analysis of Cyclic Deformations and Structural Vibrations

Chair Dr. Xiaoli Ding, Hong Kong SAR, China
Email: lsxlding@polyu.edu.hk

Task Force 6.1.3 was formed at the XXII FIG Congress held in Washington, D.C. in 2002. Dr. Xiaoli Ding, from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University was elected to lead to task force. The task force was formed for the purpose of further developing the technology of InSAR and its applications for deformation measurement uses.

Although InSAR has become an important technology for measuring deformations of the earth, especially in large-scale situations like earthquake studies, there are still significant issues that need to be refined for the more routine applications where InSAR could be used for deformation measurements. Difficulties associated with more routine applications include the effects of the atmosphere on the propagation of radar signals, the temporal/spatial decorrelation and the shadowing/overlapping of images in heavy vegetation or urban environments (Chrzanowski, 2003).

To try to resolve these issues and to make full use of this technology for deformation measurements, the task force has developed research directions and objectives. The main focuses are as follows (Chrzanowski, 2003):

  • Development, test and standardization of algorithms, software and procedures for measuring deformations with InSAR
  • Study of accuracy, reliability and sensitivity of InSAR measurements under various atmospheric, field and imaging conditions
  • Characterizing and mitigation of atmospheric effects on InSAR measurements
  • Integration of InSAR with other deformation measurement methods
  • Study of deformations related to various engineering and geophysical problems

To facilitate these objectives, the task force will conduct research; organize conferences or workshops; carry out test campaigns; and facilitate discussion/collaboration of research and results among colleagues. Current activities have included members of the task force attending an advanced workshop on InSAR held in Hong Kong (Dec 2002), presenting papers at the InSAR sessions at the 11th International Symposium in Greece and planning for a workshop to be held in 2004 (Chrzanowski, 2003). Anyone wishing to participate and contribute to Task Force 6.1.3 should contact Dr. Xiaoli Ding, email:  lsxlding@polyu.edu.hk