Technical Program

Technical program is available on this site and on the World Bank server.

In the technical program each of the six themes will have two or three sessions each.

The sessions will comprise three or four speakers giving a 15-20 min presentation. For each session one or two discussants will have the floor for some brief critical comments and reflections. The sessions will conclude by general discussions. The sessions will be chaired to ensure for appropriate time management.

Theme leaders

Presentations made at the conference will contribute to one of 6 themes. For each of the themes, a well-respected ‘theme leader’ with wide experience in developing as well as developed countries will be selected to prepare an issues paper that would
(i) highlight key challenges to be addressed in the topic area;
(ii) summarizes the technical as well as conceptual contribution made by the presentation at the conference; and
(iii) identifies key next steps which the Bank and its partners such as FIG should undertake in the short as well as the medium term.

Each of the theme leaders will present a 5-minute summary focusing on action points during the concluding session. A summary of each the 6 team papers will also be included in the joint FIG/WB publication.

Topic Theme leader
Land Governance for the 21st Century Helge Onsrud
Building Sustainable Land Administration Systems Paul van der Molen
Securing social tenure for the poorest Cheryl Morden
Making land markets work for all Jolyne Sanjak
Improving Access to Land and Shelter Clarissa Augustinus
Land governance for rapid urbanization Alain Durand-Lasserve