New Technology for a New Century
International Conference 
FIG Working Week 2001, Seoul, Korea 611 May 2001



Antti RAINIO, Coordinator of NAVI Programme, Navinova Ltd., Finland

Key words: personal navigation, location-based service, mobile information society, mobile Internet.


Mobile information society is developing rapidly as mobile telecommunications moves from second to third generation technology. The Internet and its services are coming to wireless devices. The convergence of content and technology is deepening and the market is being reorganised. Different actors want to reserve their place in the mobile digital economy.

Location-based services and personal navigation are parts of mobile multimedia services. Personal navigation is a service concept in which advanced mobile telecommunications allow people find out where they are, where they can find the products and services that they need and how they can get to a destination.

The services will help people to navigate on daily errands, on work-related tasks and journeys as well as at leisure time hobbies. There are several application areas like mobile work, shopping and delivery, hobbies and sports, tourism and culture, public transport and safety. The guidance will be implemented on the basis of mobile multimedia and it should be available in both outdoor and indoor environments. The services will be based on generic technology like portable devices, wireless networks and location services as well as map and route servers.

The creation of usable mobile devices and wireless services will require intensive research, product development, trials and training, but also infrastructure investment and, if necessary, new legislation.

Co-operation between the public and private sectors as well as user communities is a requirement for beneficial development. In Finland the whole value chain i.e. hardware and software manufacturers, telecom operators, media companies, public authorities, universities and other research institutes as well as venture capital are taken part in the Personal Navigation Programme.

A mass market of digital maps and other geographic information will start soon, when the number of mobile terminals will turn to be bigger than terminals using fixed lines.


Antti Rainio
Managing Director
Navinova Ltd.
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22 March 2001

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