FIG Commission 7

Term 2003-2006

Highlights Commission Chair 2003-2006

Within a whole set of possible issues to be addressed, the work plan 2003-2006 focuses on the following priorities:

Prof. Ir. Paul van der Molen, The Netherlands
  • land administration and land management in customary and informal areas
    • how to facilitate the implementation of land policy with a focus on customary areas
    • how to support the formalisation of informal settlements
  • land administration and land management in the marine environment
    • how to support marine cadastres
    • how to support coastal zone management
  • avoiding land fragmentation
    • how can we avoid land fragmentation through land consolidation -
  • institutional conditions as a critical success factor
    • which institutional context is beneficial for successful land administration and land management activity
  • efficiency and effectiveness
    • how can we measure land administration performance
  • costs of land administration systems
    • how can we provide low cost tools for land administration
  • appropriate ICT support for modern land administration and land management
    • how can we integrate advanced technology in land administration processes
    • how to establish land administration spatial data infrastructures
    • how to integrate 3D rights to land in land administration systems
    • how to extent cadastres towards the marine areas
    • electronic conveyancing
    • land administration standards
  • capacity building for land administration and land management
  • how can we contribute to capacity building and institutional building for land administration and land management


According to the Work plan Commission 7 aims at addressing these issues in various activities, as there are:

  •  working groups - symposia and workshops
  • delivering lectures, papers and reports
  • providing a documentation center OICRF
  • the international office of cadastre and land records
  • internal cooperation with other FIG Commissions
  • external cooperation with other relevant organisations
  • mixed forms

Commission 7 put more effort in involving countries in Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Asia in exchanging information on the introduction and development of land administration systems and land management policies and in providing a meeting place.

The Commission held annual meetings in:

  • Pretoria, South Africa, 4-9 November 2002
  • Krakow, Poland, 17-23 September 2003
  • Clermont Ferrand, France, 8-14 September 2004
  • Madison, Wisconsin, USA, 19-25 June 2005
  • Bled, Slovenia, 12-16 May 2006



Working Groups

Working Group 7.1 - Creating Land Administration in formal and informal environment

Policy Issues

The terms of reference of working group 7.1 on land administration in a formal and informal environment are as follows:


Mr. András Osskó
E-mail: ossko.andras[at]

Working Group 7.2 - Instruments for land distribution

Policy Issues

The terms of reference of working group 7.2 are as follows.


Mr. Mikko Uimonen
E-mail: mikko.uimonen[at]

Working Group 7.3 - Advances in Modern Land Administration

Policy Issues

The terms of reference of working group 3 on modern land administration are as follows.


Dr. Winfred Hawerk
E-mail: winfried.hawerk[at]

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