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FIG activities at the 12th UN GGIM AP Plenary Meeting

6-10 November 2023, Kuta, Indonesia (Bali)

The 12th Plenary meeting of the United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management for Asia and the Pacific (UN GGIM AP) coincided with the Asia-Pacific Geospatial Forum (APGF 2023), which had a theme “Embracing Geospatial Innovation for Sustainable World". Both events were hosted by the Geospatial Information Agency of Indonesia (BIG).

In this report are the views and observations on the sessions, workshops and meetings compiled by FIG representatives from Commission 5 and 7, the Asia Pacific Capacity Development Network (AP CDN), the Pacific Geospatial Survey Council (PGSC) and the UN Subcommittee on Geodesy WG on Capacity and Education. The attendees were (left to right in the photo) –

In some ways the objectives and structure of FIG, and the UN GGIM AP are similar as the main aim of the UN GGIM AP is “to promote the use of geospatial information for identifying problems and finding solutions, so that the economic, social and environmental benefits of geospatial information will be maximized in Asia and the Pacific region”.

Please read the full report (pdf) including:



Louise Friis-Hansen
December 2023

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