Geosiberia 2011 visited by FIG Vice President Rudolf Staiger

Novosibirsk, Russian Federation, 26-29 April 2011

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Official Opening of Geosiberia 2011. On the left Prof. Alexander Karpik and on the right the Governor and Vice President Rudolf Staiger.

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FIG representatives Prof. Gethin Roberts. Prof Volker Schwieger and Vice President Staiger and the bell that is used to open Geosiberia.

Geosiberia 2011was organized from the 26th to 29th of April in Novosibirsk, Russia by the Siberian State Academy of Geodesy. This event which was already the 7th edition was organized under the lead of Prof. Alexander Karpik and Prof. Vladimir Seredovich. FIG was one of the co-sponsors and was represented by Vice President Rudolf Staiger.

Geosiberia is an exhibition for instrumentation and services and at the same time a national and international congress. The national congress started already on the April 21. Six different topics were treated over 19 technical sessions with more than 600 presentations.

The international part of the Congress started with an opening ceremony followed by the first plenary session, where Vice President Staiger had the opportunity to give a presentation on “10 years of Terrestrial Laser Scanning”.

The FIG participantion and contribution to Geosiberia was strong this year. Prof. Volker Schwieger (Vice Chair of Commission 5) was representing FIG Commission 5 with his presentation “Quality models and quality propagation in construction processes” and the Prof. Gethin Roberts, Chair of FIG Commission 6, discussed “Ever advancing modern surveying technologies; the role of professional institutions and professional development” in his presentation.

In addition to more than 60 presentations several round tables and workshops on different topics were held. Vice President Staiger had the chance to assist to a first meeting of the “Siberian and Ural Surveyor Union”.

The importance of Geosiberia is increasing both on a national and international level. It was very well organized and a big success with more than 60 exhibitors and more than 200 international participants.

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Prof. Rudolf Staiger making his welcome address at the opening ceremony.
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Vice President Staiger, Prof. Schwieger and Prof. Roberts pointing to Novosibirsk on the world map.

1 June 2011

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