FIG Africa Task Force


The Task Force was established at the FIG Working Week in Eilat, Israel, May 2009. The term of this Task Force was exceptionally 2009-2014. The task force ended its work in 2014 and hand meanwhile undertaken several seminars, reports and finally a FIG publication summarising the work and the outcome of the task force.

Key Documents

Chairs Presentations
  • ELAN
  • GhIS Key note Annual conference 2014



ATF Workshop Elmina, Ghana 2012

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Participants at the ATF Workshop in Elmina

The Final African Task Force Workshop was held at Coconut Grove Conference Hotel & Suite, Elmina, Ghana, 22 - 23 October 2012.

ATF Workshop Cape Town, South Africa 2011

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Participants at the Cape Town Workshop

The 2011 ATF Workshop was held in Cape Town, South Africa hosted by FIG Partners:

- The South African Council for Professional and Technical Surveyors (PLATO) and
- Geomatics department of the University of Cape Town.

ATF Workshop Mombasa, Kenya 2010

The 2010 ATF workshop held in Mombasa, Kenya hosted by the Institute of Kenya Surveyors (ISK.)

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Participants of the ATF Workshop

FIG African Task Force held its first Africa Task Force Workshop in Mombasa in cooperation with the Institute of Surveyors in Kenya (ISK). ISK have demonstrably proved active in Kenya, having been instrumental in taking on the role of advocates with the community in the recent government activity in Land reform on Kenya. Their skills as acting as change agents in Africa will lend itself to the objectives of the Task force in debating and proposing tools for individual land professional members in sub - Saharan Africa.

Pre ATF task force workshop held in Ghana at GHIS Annual Conference 2009

Papers related to the Task Force