The FIG Conference Web App has everything you need to know about the conference... all conveniently located on your smart phone or tablet, or any other computer!

A few FIG 2018 app features:

To access the app, please visit

Please note that as a web application FIG Conference Web App does not require device specific downloads or installations but can be used by just accessing the above mentioned address with a browser using a desktop/laptop computer, tablet or any modern mobile device, disregarding the operating system.

To sign in, please enter your username (either your existing username, or if you do not yet have FIG account, the email address you used when you registered to this conference), and your personal password.

You should have received an email with your username and personal password.

If you have lost your password, enter your usename or registration email address in the Username field and click a link that is shown below the Sign In button to have the password sent to your inbox.

Please note that in order to use the FIG Conference Web App smoothly, your browser should allow saving of cookies.

To add a launch icon of the app on your home screen, on Android Chrome, tap Add to homescreen on the main menu, and on iOS Safari, tap the share button and choose Add to Home Screen.  

How to save the app on your home-screen

Follow these steps to get easy access to the FIG app on your mobile phone or other devices.


Step 1: Go to and click on the dots in the right corner Step 2: Click on 'Add to Home screen' Step 3: Name the App something you prefer and click on 'ADD'


Step 1: Go to and click on the share button at the bottom. Step 2: Click on 'Add to Home screen' Step 3: Name the App something you prefer and click on  'Save''

What if I do not have a password sent to me?

A notification on use of confrence web app has been sent to all participants who have registered by using the online registration system provided by the local organiser. Late registrations however could not be processed in time. Also, you might have registered by using an email address that is not available to you at the time of the conference, or someone else might have done the registration on your behalft using their own email address.

No problem, you can access the web conference app with any email address that is available to you during the conference.

When signing in, simply enter the email address of your choice in the Username field and click the "No password or forgot it" link below the Sign In button to have a password sent to the specified email address. By using this information you can use most of the web app's features but cannot modify the user profile and will stay anonymous to other users of the app.

The app can also be used without signing in but with limited features.