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2nd FIG Young Surveyors Conference







The Second FIG Young Surveyors Conference will be held within the 2014 FIG Congress in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Feedback from our first conference, held immediately prior to the 2012 FIG Working Week in Rome was that whilst it was fantastic to host an event tailored to young surveyors, the extended period of time needed to attend an extra event was difficult to justify. So, this time around, we have designed the conference as a “Young Surveyor” stream within the overarching Congress – open to all, but specifically designed for the needs of young surveyors, with more workshops, career and hands-on innovation sessions. See the special conference program we have developed for an indication of what we will be offering.

Conference offerings include a range of old and new ideas that we wish to bring to the conference. Our afternoon coffee “speed networking” sessions will continue, and we hope these will support the launch of a mentoring program. We’ll be targeting all of the trade booths and industry partners to highlight job opportunities and provide feedback on your resumes

Social Tenure Domain Model Training of the Trainers

The Social Tenure Domain Model (STDM) is a more flexible land information system that can handle various types of land rights and claims, particularly in informal settlements. It is a specialization of the global ISO 19152 Land Administration Domain Model, which best allows for data integration. Trainings on the STDM have been held with great success in selected locations around the world. An STDM Training will precede the FIG Congress.

Speed networking

Speed networking has been held at many previous FIG events. It involves students and young professionals meeting up with potential mentors and experienced FIG professionals over afternoon coffee – but with a twist. Speed networking encourages participants to meet as many others as possible by suggesting participants move to meet a new person …every five minutes! We line up the speed mentors, you come along with your questions! Speed mentoring will be held in afternoon coffee breaks during the Congress.

Mentoring program

Something we’ve been talking about for a while, but hope to bring into practice at this event. We’ll be announcing soon that you can send in a one a page biography and note on what you want to get out of mentoring. We’ll then send out a call for mentors, match you up and provide a space for you to meet in Kuala Lumpur! For the moment, the program will be for those attending the Congress in Kuala Lumpur only – the success of this session will determine if and how we promote mentoring into the future. We also hope to host some feedback (short, one-off mentoring) sessions, where you can submit your resume for feedback or take a mock interview with our industry partners.

Conference session types

There will be three main streams to the Young Surveyors Conference: Workshop sessions, Professional Development and Hand’s on “How To” sessions. Young surveyor papers will be presented as part of the existing Commission Technical Sessions. Workshop sessions will be hosted jointly with FIG Commissions; for example, we will co-host a workshop on laser scanning with Commission 6. Professional development sessions will focus on how to fast-track your career, including grant applications and young surveyor innovation talks. Hands-on sessions finish up the mix, with training on how to harness social media for your mapping, how to support disaster management iniaitives and how to develop your own surveying mobile app.